An Alternative to Using Dill


It is not always easy to find an alternative to dill herb. This herb certainly has a distinct taste. That is why dill pickles really don’t taste the same without dill.

However, in other recipes, there is an alternative to dill herb. This choice works well in fish dishes or any instance where dill does not comprise the entire flavor.

Parsley tastes similar to dill when cooked. It has a fresher taste, but still adds an nice aesthetic and flavor to a dish. In any instance where one is looking for an alternative to dill herb, then parsley is a nice choice.

Parsley can be picked fresh from the garden and then frozen. In instances where dill is called for, the stronger taste of fresh parsley will be a lively substitute. A person might even prefer parsley because it does not have such a strong aroma and overpower the entire dish.

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